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We are an Online Banking Platform that allows individuals and businesses to earn the highest return on their cash. Interest accrues daily. 

How do we do this? By leveraging our partnership and technology that allocates the cash to the highest yielding banks across the US and by taking advantage of scale and volume.


Outstanding Customer Service

No Fees, No Fine Print

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Open an account in 60 seconds

 Withdraw/deposit anytime

 Fast transfers within 24 hours

Web and Mobile Platform


FDIC insured up to $100M per account

 A large US bank holds the funds and serves as the custodian

Data security is our top priority

Tae Ham, Co-founder

Mr. Ham spent 15 years working at two multi-billion dollar hedge funds and a family office serving in executive level positions.  Mr. Ham received an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BA from the University of Tulsa graduating with High Honors.